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Kris attends the Montreal F1 Grand Prix

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Injury report: Kris Letang broke foot and hand in second round

Wow, talk about a warrior on the ice! Kris was playing in the second round with a broken hand and foot! Interesting enough, if the Pens would have made it further in the playoffs, I doubt Kris would have been able to play.

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Kris Letang – Media Update

Letang Leading From the Blue Line

There were some bumps along the way. Letang struggled at the onset of the postseason, and even received a lecture from his head coach in regards to a few penalties he took.

Letang said part of the problem was mental.

“I’m not going to lie, the first four games of the playoffs I was scared to make mistakes,” Letang said. “I got criticism last year on my defensive play so I was a little bit on my heels, trying to accomplish too much.”

Letang started by concentrating on cleaning up his defensive play. Late in the Columbus series he went over the boards with a defense-first mentality. Once his defensive play improved, he started to once again assert himself on the rush and creating offense.

“I was trying to play my game,” Letang said. “My game is playing aggressive, skating and being in the play all the time, supporting my forwards. Once I was able to do that my game kind of changed.”

Bylsma saw the transformation in his game. And part of it may be his defensive partner.

“Kris did learn to trust his game a little bit more as he got his feet wet,” Bylsma said. “Last night the way he defended with his skating was huge for us. Playing next to Paul (Martin) has been really good for us back there. That pairing defensively shut down, but also what he brings to our team has been really good.”

Letang, who worked with Scuderi at the start of the postseason, switched to partner with Martin after Brooks Orpik was knocked out of the lineup with an undisclosed injury.

“Playing with ‘Paulie’ is different than playing with ‘Scuds,’” Letang said. “Scuds stays back and makes plays from the backend. With Paulie, we understand each other pretty well. We play the same type of game. It’s been good. We’re reading each other pretty well.”

The Penguins are ecstatic with Letang’s play, but more so happy just have him back.

“It’s just a blessing to see him out there playing and playing at the level he is for our team and playing so many minutes,” Bylsma said. “It’s nothing more than a blessing that he’s out there playing for us.”

Media Links:

Off Day: Brandon Sutter/Kris Letang (05.06.14)
Brandon Sutter and Kris Letang talk to the media after an optional skate at Madison Square Garde


‘It’s a blessing’: Penguins’ Kris Letang back on ice after stroke

Kris Letang was in the prime of his life and the prime of his career.

The Penguins’ top defenseman was a reigning Norris Trophy finalist, a 26-year-old who recently signed an eight-year, $58 million extension and welcomed his first child, Alexander, to the world.

But there he was, lying on his bedroom floor, unable to function when his wife woke up on Jan. 29. Letang later learned he had suffered a stroke, with doctors also discovering he had a small hole in his heart.

The recovery began. Hockey would have to wait. And hardest of all was telling his family what occurred, introducing a fear that may never fully fade. >> Continue Reading <<

Future looks bright for Pens’ Letang

“I don’t differentiate Kris in that regard from the rest of our team the first four games of our playoffs,” Bylsma said. “We probably didn’t want to make mistakes the first four games. We’ve got to overcome that and talk about what we learned — that’s maybe one of the things. Kris did learn to trust his game, a little bit more as he got his feet wet and started to play.”

In the series against the Rangers, we’re seeing the results. Now paired with Paul Martin, Letang is starting to find his game. While nobody on the Penguins is excited about how they played in the third period of Game 3, the overall picture for Letang is brighter. The least he’s played against New York is 24:26, which is six minutes more than he played in Game 1 against the Blue Jackets. >> Continue Reading <<



Game 4 – Pens beat the Blues 3-1; Kris Letang gets an empty net goal!



Marc-Andre Fleury had an amazing game with 23 saves to secure a great win at home. Chris Kunitz and Jussi Jokinen added the other 2 goals, along with Kris’ bought the final score to 3-1 Penguins. Kris scored a 3rd period empty net goal! Whoo, great game for him and his team. Loved the win, one more game to go. Let’s go Pens! A short recap of sorts, I had a very busy Saturday with a local event, but I’m mostly really happy to write up a “winning” recap!

Media Links:
Photo Gallery
Game Analysis
Box Score

Bluejackets-Game4-1 Bluejackets-Game4-2 Bluejackets-Game4-3 Bluejackets-Game4-4 Bluejackets-Game4-5 Bluejackets-Game4-6

Game 3 – Penguins 4, Blue Jackets 3 – What a win!

Ah, what a great win and game! Looks like the Pens are getting used to the Blue Jackets or at least bested them at their own game. One of the key reasons why the Penguins overcame the Blue Jackets: experience! The years of playoff experience, especially with this current core is definitive for a win. Really proud of this team and I can’t wait for Game 4!

Media Links:
Box Score
Photo Gallery
Game Recap

Penguins’ rally from 2-goal deficit, win over Blue Jackets in Game 3

Bluejackets-Game3-1 Bluejackets-Game3-2 Bluejackets-Game3-3


Happy Easter!

Penguins had a nice 2 goal lead early in the 1st, but the Blue Jackets scored goals in the 2nd and 3rd to tie the game up 3-3. After an uneventful first overtime, the Blue Jackets scored in second overtime to win the game. A short handed goal by the Blue Jackets’ Matt Calvert in the 2nd period (3-2 score) was the ‘game changer’ for the Penguins. Not a great loss for the Penguins, but it was a great game for Pens’ Center Brian Gibbons, who scored 2 goals in the 1st! Game 3 will be played in Columbus, April 21 at 7:00 PM EST.

And now for the recap:
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Game Analysis
Geico Coach’s Corner
Post Game: Sidney Crosby
Post Game: Matt Niskanen
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Cool infographic!

Bluejackets-Game2-1 Bluejackets-Game2-2

Penguins vs. Blue Jackets – Game 1 – Recap / Media


Good morning everyone and I hope you all are enjoying your Easter weekend. This update is a few days late, so I apologize for that – been busy with work and getting the Tanger book finished for printing.

On to the update – it will be condensed to just have photos and links, future updates will be much more thorough.

Game Gallery

Game Recap

Box Score

Penguins Report: Game Day vs. Columbus (Game 1)

Defenseman Kris Letang had a rough night on Wednesday. The two biggest ill-advised plays involving him were 1) on Pittsburgh’s first power play, when he turned the puck over to Blue Jackets forward Derek MacKenzie at the blue line – who skated in on a breakaway for a shorthanded goal; and 2) taking an undisciplined penalty late in the second period when he gave Boone Jenner a retaliatory slash after play had already left his zone.

That resulted in the coaches playing Letang just 3:55 minutes in the third period (including just one 48-second shift in the final 6:30 of play after taking a second unneccesary penalty, an interference call with the Pens on a power play). That’s a noticeable decrease from his usual ice time as the effortlessly-skating defenseman usually logs upwards of seven or eight minutes a period.

The turnover was certainly troubling, but the retaliatory slash on Jenner was what irked Bylsma the most. He said as much after the game, and reiterated that again today. Even with the understanding that Letang is an elite player and is targeted as such, Bylsma said his defenseman has to work on keeping his composure in these playoffs. Like he said, “that was an undisciplined penalty and one that could cost us.” And with the benching, Bylsma believes that Letang got that message loud and clear.

“I think he got a message,” Bylsma said. “Whether it was a voice or not playing or a nice talk, he got a message. And that’s something he’s got to be better at and that’s something we’ve got to be better at as a group.” [ Source ]


Bluejackets-Game1-1 Bluejackets-Game1-2 Bluejackets-Game1-3 Bluejackets-Game1-4 Bluejackets-Game1-5 Bluejackets-Game1-6 Bluejackets-Game1-7 Bluejackets-Game1-8

Penguins fall to the Flygers 4-3 in OT

What a great game – despite the loss for the Penguins. Kris had 2 points this game, 1 for an assist on the 3rd period James Neal goal and the 2nd point coming from is own goal towards the end of the 3rd period. Pens lost in OT with the Mark Streit goal. Teammate James Neal had a 3 points and was the 3rd star of the game with 1 goal and 2 assists. Another exciting game note, Coach Dan Bylsma coached his 400th career NHL game on Saturday; his overall record is 252-118-30.

Postgame quote from Kris: “At the end of the day, I want to win. It doesn’t matter if I feel good comfortable or not I think the most important is to win.”

Next Game: 4/13/2014 against the Senators in Pittsburgh at 7:30 PM EST – Last game of the regular season!



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