New layout to start off the 2011/2012 Season!

All the site features and sections have remained the same, but there is a new function, similar to one on Tumblr: a “like” button! So when you see the heart on any post, click the link and “like” the post :D! I thought it would be fun to add some more interaction.

Speaking of which, there are a full working COMMENTS form for every post. If you want to chat about a post or give your opinion or thoughts on something, feel free to post it. (Comments will be moderated, any negative remarks about Kris, the Penguins, or any NHL player or team will not be posted).

I will update with all the pictures and articles from the first day of Training camp, later today. So check back this evening for those!

Enjoy the layout and please let me know what you think (or if something isn’t working properly!)

Go Pens!

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