Kris Letang video – Letang: My Only Goal is to Play 82 Games


Before the charity golf tournmanet yesterday, Kris spoke with the media about this coming season, his off-season training, and his determination and goal to play the whole regular season. Except below with full link to the article.

“My only goal is to play 82 games,” said Letang, who has reached that number only one other time in his career back in the 2010-11 season. “That’s my main goal. I just want to help the team all year long and not just part of it.”

Letang, 28, has dealt with back-to-back injury plagued seasons, overcoming a stroke, concussion and various other ailments. He missed 26 games due to the stroke in 2013-14 and the final seven regular-season games and all of the playoffs in 2014-15 after suffering a concussion.

On June 1 Letang was cleared for contact and at the end of that month he met with team doctors, who said all his tests “were positive.” Letang is back on his normal training schedule and routine, and expects to be at full capacity for training camp and the game action.

“Really good, actually,” Letang said on how he feels. “I was on the same program that I always do in the summer. No setbacks, nothing. I felt pretty good.” Continue reading >>



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