Kris Letang – SportsNet Magazine article “What happens next for Kris Letang?”

Given the two men in the conversation, it was the kind of back and forth that begged for eavesdropping. Located about halfway between the ice surface and the dressing-room door at the MasterCard Centre in Toronto, Paul Coffey, a 54-year-old Hall of Fame defenceman who looks like he could still fill in on your top six, stood beside Pittsburgh Penguins blueliner Kris Letang, the latter leaning forward on his upright stick, still sweat-soaked from a peppery practice Coffey had dropped in on. For the better part of 20 minutes, they discussed whatever it is two all-world athletes who share a position talk about. It was fun to hypothesize, from 15 feet away, that what they were saying wouldn’t really be comprehensible to anyone but the handful of people who speak “elite defenceman.” Sure, you can listen to a pair of NASA engineers yak about launching a rocket, but how much can you really soak in? Eventually, the two men went their separate ways and a couple of hours later, Letang revealed that Coffey’s message to him was actually quite basic: “The main thing he wants me to do is shoot more.”
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