Five Questions with Kris Letang !


Kris Letang was interviewed by Dan Rosen for! The feature is called 5 questions with Kris Letang!

Here’s my highligh question, but you can read the rest here at the source!

You may be healthy, but your team doesn’t have Evgeni Malkin or Olli Maatta now and Brian Dumoulin has been out too. It’s like same ol’ same ol’ with this team. You’re constantly dealing with injuries to significant players. Do you look around and ask yourself, ‘What if?’

“Yeah, I know. When you think about it, what if we had [Malkin] on our power play? We would be really dangerous because that’s a few more goals that we had to our game. Maybe the game [against the Rangers] isn’t 2-2 going into overtime; maybe it’s 3-1 or 3-2 before overtime. The game can change at the end of the third or in overtime we might have ended the game quicker [with our power-play chance]. But overall I think because we don’t have [Malkin] we have simplified things and we go faster. You play with your strength. [Malkin] is not out there so you know you don’t have the poise and the shot and everything that he brings, so you try to play with your own strength.”

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