Kris Letang reveals details on his injuries in recent French interview with TVA Sports

In a recent interview with TVA Sports, Kris talked about his injuries and concussions, hosting the Stanley Cup, and thoughts on recent NHL news.

Here’s a summary/transcript.

Recent winner of the Stanley Cup with the Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Kris Letang Quebec hinted Wednesday morning that he believed his career was compromised when he was the victim of a hit in March 2015.

“I did not come back from that one,” he revealed in the course of an interview on the show “Hi, hello!” broadcast on TVA, reviewing images involving Shane Doan, Coyotes Arizona.

“It was extremely difficult. I have had many meetings with doctors. I fell in amnesia at that moment and I absolutely remember anything during the five days surrounding this event. I have no recollection of what happened. ”

Letang come a long way and that’s probably why he enjoys as the latest conquest of the Penguins at the expense of the San Jose Sharks. For him, it was a second Stanley Cup after the one won in 2009.

“This achievement, I find it more important to me because, after seven years, it shows how hard it is to win, he said. It takes a special group, which creates links at the right time. ”

Back home

Letang will now host the Stanley Cup home, Quebec, on August 5. And already, he mentions his desire to return again after the 2016-2017 campaign.

“When you end on a” high “, you want to start where you left thinking be able to do a” back-to-back ‘, “he suggested.

About her sidelined for the next World Cup, Letang did not hide his disappointment.

“For sure it’s flat and I gave everything to show them they made a mistake (by not choosing me), but there are a ton of good defenders in Canada,” a-t- he noted.

Subban or Weber?

In closing, the Québécois has inevitably been invited to comment on the recent transaction between the Montreal Canadiens and Nashville Predators involving PK Subban and Shea Weber.

He also left guessing, cryptically, that Subban was popular with supporters, but maybe not necessarily with all his teammates

“You built a team for the” fans “or you build a team to win?” He asked himself.

“I’m not in that locker room and I know nothing of the situation, but both teams are left with two good players, he resumed. Sometimes it’s just a matter of chemistry. A player can sometimes better fit elsewhere. ”

Translated from French – Source

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