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Kris Letang had his day with the Stanley Cup yesterday! Fesitivites started with the Cup being a part of breakfast and family fun at Kris’ home. After that, Kris took the Stanley Cup to Sainte-Julie, where there was a photo op that fans could participate in with Kris, plus an autograph meet and greet. Kris also had an event there where local players from youth hockey teams could come and see and hold the Stanley Cup.

The photos and videos below really show how much of a great day this was for Kris and his family but especially the fans and citizens at Sainte-Julie that attended.
I’ll update the post as more pictures and media come in.

Articles: (English, French)
Letang célèbre sa conquête de la coupe Stanley
La Coupe retourne à Sainte-Julie
Kris Letang, Son Enjoy Breakfast Of Champions
Kris Letang savoure encore plus sa deuxième Coupe Stanley
Kristopher Letang et la Coupe Stanley de passage à Sainte-Julie

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08052016-DaywithStanleyCup-1 08052016-DaywithStanleyCup-2 08052016-DaywithStanleyCup-3 08052016-DaywithStanleyCup-4

The videos can’t be embeded, but here the links:

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