Kris Letang Injury Update and speculation


One thing I don’t like to report on is rumors and speculation, especially when it relates to a hockey player’s health and well being. This quote from a recent Post Gazette article says it all “But speculation Saturday — sparked by iHeartMedia host Mark Madden’s tweet that, per a source, Letang had suffered a setback while returning from a back injury, and the team was no longer optimistic he’d be back soon — sent Penguins fans into a Twitter tizzy.”

That’s neither reassuring to fans nor respectful of Kris’ recovery. There hasn’t been any official word from the Penguins staff on Kris’ recovery, other than he has an injury and he’s working on getting batter.

Coach Sullivan was asked about the rumored setback, ”

“Yeah, it holds true, until somebody tells us otherwise,” Sullivan said, that final phrase providing a key out. “He’s obviously been going through a rehab process. We’re hopeful that he’s making progress. Until a course of action changes otherwise, that’s how we see it. We’ll go from there. We feel like, up until this point, he’s made progress.”

As for the setback, Sullivan did not confirm or deny that one had occurred.

“What’s a setback?” Sullivan answered when asked whether Letang had suffered a setback. “The nature of his injury is that it’s been a week-to-week thing that they’re trying to manage. We’ll go from there.”

There you have it, Kris is injured, many hockey players are by this month. It’s a long season that can be grueling, but these men go out there each game and give their best for the sport they love and the fans who support them.

I hope for the best on Kris’ recovery and when he returns – whenever that will be – it will be meant with cheers and relief!

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