Who will lead the Penguins’ powerplay: Kris Letang or Justin Schultz?

Pensinsideschoop writer, Sam Kasan, wrote a piece on who will be the Pens’ powerplay leader: Kris Letang or Justin Schultz.

Kris has been the anchor for the past several seasons, but after Kris was shutdown with his injury last season, Justin Schultz stepped into fill those skates.

“These are two guys that are real good power-play guys. And they’re both going to see some time there,” head coach Mike Sullivan said. “That’s how I envision it moving forward. They’re both No. 1 power-play defensemen.”

Letang, 30, is a workhorse for the Pens, averaging 25-plus minutes per game over the past three seasons. Splitting some power-play minutes with Schultz could help alleviate some of Letang’s minutes.

“It should give us the ability to spread the minutes evenly,” Sullivan said. “Maybe we can take some workload off of both guys. They’re both bonafide No. 1 power-play defensemen and we’re fortunate to have them.”

The players are fantastic defensemen in their own right with two different playing styles: Kris prefers to stay in the mid point and generate his own offense, where Schultz likes to remain along the blue line as a stopping point to pass the puck or setup a shot.

Read the full article here with quotes from new assistant coaches Mark Recchi and Sergei Gonchar! 

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