Kris Letang and teammates help kids get ready for winter – Project Bundle Up

Kris and the Penguins participated in the 13th Annual Project Bundle Up. This charity event pairs local children with the hockey players who help choose winter gear to get ready for the upcoming chilly weather. Please check out the pictures below and watch the following video it is such a sweet event and the kids are adorable.

Quote from the article “Pens help youth “bundle up” for winter” :

* Kris Letang shopped with an energetic 5-year-old named Carmen. After trying on a pair of boots, Letang asked her to test out how they feel. Carmen broke into a dance and strutted through the aisle as Letang looked on with a smile.

Minutes later, Letang couldn’t hold back an “awe” after Carmen tried on a purple beanie and flashed a wide grin. They finished their day by getting their pictures taken at the Photo Booth. Letang looked through the various props asking, “Do you want to wear any of these, or just stay perfect like you already are?”

“To do the event is important for me because now I have kids,” said Letang, who has a son and daughter. “It’s super important to make sure they’re well dressed for the winter.”

Photos (full gallery) :

Here’s the video from the event:

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