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Night 2 – Redcarpet & Superskills Competition photos!

Penguins fan Caroline attended the red carpet for the Superskills competition and got some great pictures of Kris! So Tanger just read Kayla’s sign. If anyone is on Twitter, Mike Rupp tweeted that he wanted Tanger’s new nickname to be...

More ASG Interviews!

3 Interviews to post, 2 are in French (translations coming soon!) RDS Post Skills Competition interview RDS – 01/28/2011 Versus Interview during Skills competition

2011 NHL All-Star – Day 2 – Super Skills!

PensReport: (There will probably be a video on this!) 10:13 PM: Sounds heard around (two different) locker rooms… Kris Letang On the SuperSkills experience: To be with those guys on the ice and see them show their skill, it’s a...

2011 NHL All-Star Game Draft Wrap Post

Kris was selected to Team Staal, which means he is going against Fleury, should be interesting! Also, I know everyone saw Kris trip up the stairs, at least he caught himself before making a big fall. Letang also addressed his...

Kris on the red carpet!

Credit to from the Pens Report Click for bigger version!