Devin’s Story – September 19, 2010

It was during training camp. I think it was the last day of training camp actually. Me and my friend Annie finally found out where they players came out of the parking lot lol. We were waiting and there was a TON of people waiting. Kris was the first person to come out. Everyone swarmed around his car and I felt kinda bad because of course there were a bunch of girls screaming OMGGGGG KRIS LETANG OMGGG. So me and my friend waiting towards to back of the line. When we finally got up to him you could tell he was tired and just wanted to go home. So I just got my pic and said thanks and he just smiled. It was really nice of him to stop because he had actually been done for awhile because his group for training camp was the first one done and this was at the very end of training camp that day. He was super nice to everyone though, even though I could tell he just wanted to leave.