Emily’s Story – March 26, 2011

Hello it’s Emily, and here is my story!
The signing was held at Ross Park Mall through Steel City Collectibles and it started at 6. I got off of work at 4, and got there at around 5. I wasn’t worried though, because I bought my ticket a few days prior. The line was really long and got wrapped around through a storm hallway and then outside of the building. My friend Suzy and I were outside. We stood right by the backdoor to Steel City Collectibles and Suzy said, “I bet this is where they’re going to sneak him in”. I wasn’t sure but needless to say we didn’t want to move from the door.. so we didn’t.

And after about an hour of waiting in the cold, Kris came around the corner grinning!

A few people clapped, and I began to clap and cheer. Little did I know that everyone else had already stopped.. mind you, we’re right in front of the door. So Kris looked at me and smiled and started laughing. I immediately got really nervous and became stiff, really embarrassing. I was blocking his entrance so he kindly placed his hand on my shoulder and asked my to move. Needless to say, I did!

The two girls that were beside us were so funny, we eventually got talking to them and are planning to go to more signings together in the future 🙂

When it was finally my turn it line I got so excited! I ran up to Kris and could not stop smiling. He remembered me from the door and was really kind about how awkward I had accidentally been. Such a sweetheart!