Jen’s Story – April 11, 2011

Monday April 11, 2011
Consol Energy Center Charity for Cleland Family
So we arrived at the Consol at 5, just when tthe doors opened. The signing officially started at 6. We waited for an hour to for them to arrive. When they did they set down their waters at the table and then went over to talk to and meet the family they charity signing was for. Rupp, Orpik, Letang(Penguins), Maholm, and Alvarez (pirates) were there. The Penguins and Pirates mascot was also there! When I got up to Orpik, who was at the front of the line, he greeted us and said hello. I said Hi back and handed him by calendar that was on his page already. Then Letang was next, I said can you put “to Joe” hes my little brother you’re his favorite player he said “oh, ok, sure. J-o-e?” and I said yes. Rupp was next  I had him sign my calendar on his page. Then Maholm and Alvarez, they signed a baseball I had already had signed by a few Pirates.
We then saw our friend Emily, we said we wanted Potash’s signature really bad, so her dad, who has connections, got us to meet him. He was SO happy we wanted his signature; he’s like you want MY signature? Then he said “girls, squeeze in for a picture”! He wanted a picture! And then he talked to us for awhile. We told him how we were big fans of his. He then signed my bag which had a few signatures already on it. Then Maddie handed him her IceTime, the booklet you get at a Penguins game. Dan was like “let me find my page, oh they replaced me with Steve! Stupid Steve!”
When he left we stayed to take pictures, later during an interview of his he saw us and waved, DURING AN INTERVIEW! We then went back to Emily to thank her dad; he was talking to Katie O’Malley, from Penguins TV. She was kinda teary eyed. She said she had just gone to talk to the family. The story of the family was the Mom was pregnant and in the car with her 7 year old daughter. A car hit them she lost the baby and her daughter died, she only has one other daughter. The 7 year old that died, her best friend wrote her a book. How sad! She then changed the topic to Penguins. She was talking about how Jordan Staal was a jerk! My Jordan! She was like “I said I was 27 and Jordan made a joke about it,” she was kidding about the jerk thing, thankfully! Katie then talked to us about some of the Penguins, she was actually really nice, her voice still annoys me though! She then introduced us to a writer that wrote for the Penguins, this is now what I want to do!
Dan Potash then later came over to Maddie and I and talked to us. Maddie was like I totally forgot how to spell my name when I met Kris and Dan was like did he spell it right, if he didn’t I can get you another? And Maddie was like ya he spelled it right. Maddie then told him how after she said Ma she forgot the rest and Dan was like when you meet him next have a note card! And Maddie said I probably won’t meet him again, Dan said I wouldn’t bet on that! He then joked with us! Like we had been friends forever! Then Maddie was like Jenn quick take a picture of me with Kris in the background and Dan said just wait around a little I can get you pictures, so we waited! He got us pictures with them ALL! He pulled his connections for US! Two random girls he had just met! He let us get a group picture with Letang and individual pictures! Kris put his arm around us and we thanked him, then Dan was like Rupp, come over here. He got us a picture with Rupp! Then Rupp was like did you also get a picture with Orpik and we said no so he called Brooks over!

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