Katie’s Story – December 17, 2010

This story starts off that the previous week my friend Casey, the girl from the first story, had mentioned Letang was going to  be at the Macy’s at Ross Park Mall, so we decided to go. It was me, her, and our friend Matt who went. We parked by Nordstroms and literally ran threw the mall to get there. But when we got there, there was a line and you had to buy like 50 dollars worth of pens gear, and apparently the first 200 people only got in. But we thought hey, let’s just try and see if we can see him from a distance.

It worked out that this lady was nice enough and told us this spot where we were probably less then 10 or 12 feet from him. We stand there pretty much the whole time and at one point i thought of a way to try and at least get his autograph. My brothers a marine and stationed over in Afghanistan so i thought maybe if i tell the guy running this that he’s a big hockey fan and what not, that we could get his autograph. The guy was pretty nice and said just jump in the line at the end. So we though alright, that could work. We waited til the end and the three of us had got a picture of his that the Macy’s people were handing out to get signed. I got threw this rope thing and right as i was about to go up to him they rush him away.

So we went back to the guy running it and he said that Letang was going up to the managers office to eat. So we ran up to the i think it was the third floor and found the office. We waited for like 15 minutes and this one manager was nice enough and said he would take our pictures back so we could at least get his autograph. Like 15 minutes later this girl comes out with them and we get those. But then we figured well since there was no way to get out of that office except by the way in, let’s wait and see if we can get a picture when he comes out. While we were waiting we started singing and caroling. We also actually made friends with a couple of the workers. Finally at one point we’re like, alright it was whatever time and so we thought let’s leave and go eat.

Especially since i had eaten much that day and at this point i felt sick. But as we were going down the escalator one of the managers said that if we never saw him come out, he was still in there. So we run back up the escalator and wait 10 more minutes.

It worked out though, not even 2 minutes later a manager comes out saying “and here are your two carolers!” i guess he could hear us since we were singing loudly, and obnoxiously. So we got our picture and were on our way. We waited over 2 and a half hours in all just to see him for 5 minutes. But it was 100 percent worth it. I remember when he came out i just stood up and was said “Oh my god!” According to Casey she said it was noticeable i was in a state of shock. But anyone would be meeting one of their idols.
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