March 1, 2011 – Livia’s Story

So, Nicky and I went to AJ’s Sports World around 4 just so we could buy our tickets in advance. We waited to get there until around 7:20 though because we purposely wanted to be last in line so we could take our time when talking to the guys.

Kris was first. Can I just say that he is absolutely adorable in person? Here’s how our conversation went:

Kris: Hi there, how are you?
Me: I’m good! How are you?
Kris: I’m good, thanks.
Me: (Handing him the Pens yearbook) Could you make it out to Livia please? L-I-V-I-A.

Apparently I was talking too fast, because he just stared at me with the widest eyes ever and said, “Woah. Um, my brain doesn’t work that fast.” So I told him it was like “Olivia” without the “O”.

The guy next to him who was taking the tickets said, “He’s been working really hard today!” Then the ticket guy wrote the name “OLIVIA” in sharpie on a piece of scrap paper and asked, “Like this?”

And I said, “No, it’s “Olivia” without the “O”.” I think Kris and Paul joined in when I said that. We all laughed. And as Kris was writing out my name, he got as far as “L-I-V-I” and then had to check the spelling on the scrap piece of paper before adding the “A”.

After Kris signed my yearbook, I took the cards out.

Me: I actually have something for the team, it’s a deck of personalized playing cards. Each player gets two cards with their caricatures and stuff on them, and I left a few of my business cards in there too. I’m going to give them to Max after to hold onto.
Kris: Oh, cool. (Examines them) Oh, very cool.

He showed them to Paul, who was sitting at the table next to him, and he smiled. I got my photo taken with him, then I moved over to get Paul’s autograph.

Paul: Same thing, then?
Me: Yeah. You got the spelling from Kris, right?
Paul: Yeah, I think I got it. (Looks over at Kris for confirmation)
Kris: Livia. Without the “O”.