Quick Facts



  • Nickname: ā€œTanger”
  • Has a son Alexander and daughter Victoria with his wife Catherine. Follow her Instagram here !
  • Signed through 2021-22 season.
  • Lists the Bell Centre in Montreal as favorite road arena and New York as favorite road city
  • Tennis and golf are his favorite sports beside hockey
  • Vacation spot: Hawaii
  • Food: steak
  • Music band: Metallica
  • Movie: “The Game”
  • Wishes he could have met Maurice ā€œThe Rocketā€ Richard.
  • He is signed through 2013-14 with the Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Kris’ day with the Stanley Cup was Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Radio playlist:Penguins HD Radio 105.9-HD2.


Wherever I May Roam
Sad but True
Around the World
For When The Bell Tolls
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Freak on a Leash
Falling Away From Me
The Beautiful People
Billie Jean
Bullet Proof
Good Life
She Wolf
Master of Puppets


Red Hot Chili Peppers
Marilyn Manson
Michael Jackson
La Roux
Kanye West

Kris’ Tattoo
Original source and credit to PensHead.com:
Recently there surfaced a video of Kris Letang giving interview in French and showing off his new tattoo that he got over the Olympic break. Here it is:

I am no French expert so i asked my friend Vanessa V an awesome French Canadian girl who plays better hockey than you to translate it for me. In the beginning of the interview Kris talks about going back to Montreal to see his family. He also says the team (Penguins) is doing well, that the boys are working hard and that thereā€™s no feel of a Stanley Cup hangover.

Then he goes on to talk and show his tattoo. Check out his new ink pics.

Top portion of the tattoo is dedicated to his grandmother. Kris says that she always has been there for him.

BottomĀ portionĀ of the tattoo and the guitar part isĀ obviously dedicated to Letangā€™s best friend and former roommate Luc Bourdon who used to play for Vancouver Canucks andĀ tragicallyĀ died in a motorcycle accident on May 29, 2008. During theĀ 2008 NHL Draft, the Canucksā€™ management wore guitar pins to remember Bourdon, because he was an avid guitarist.

Vanessa also adds that Kris has definitely not forgotten where he was from ā€“ makes her very proud.
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