01/24/2009 – Letang : Montréal, plus belle ville de hockey – RDS.ca

Interviewer: Kris, It’s your second time participating – This year you’re coming back for your second year. It is more special because it’s in Montréal?

Kris: Yeah, it couldn’t be any better for me. My family and my friends are all here. I couldn’t expect a better set up for me in my hometown of Montréal – The best city for hockey.

Interviewer: There are lots of young players here. As a defenseman, are you going in for the attack that many young players do, or are you going to try to bring a bit of stability in the back?

Kris: I think I’m going to try to be a “two-way” tonight.  But I’ll think I’ll be going more for the attack.

Interviewer: Well, maybe we’ll see a goal from Kristopher.