08/05/2009 – Letang fête sa conquête – RDS.ca

Reporter: The Stanley cup is making its way to Quebec. And it was the municipality of Saint Julie that had the pleasure of admiring the precious trophy, accompanied by defenseman, Kristopher Letang.

Narrator: The town of Saint Julie and the association of minor hockey emphasized the welcoming of the Stanley cup, brought by Kristopher Letang. Over 2000 people came together to see him. In return, he was very generous, giving a speech on how thankful he was.

Kris: I had my time with the cup, but there are a lot of kids here that might not have the chance to ever have the cup. I think this will give many of them a chance to motivate themselves. And it’s not just about the hockey; it’s more general than that. Even if they go on later to work for a company or whatever, they’ll understand that if you set goals and persevere, that they’ll be able to get not only the Stanley Cup, but whatever else they’re going for.

Kris’ mom: He is someone who is determined, he’s a nice guy, and he’s a guy who is courageous. I couldn’t ask for anything better. When our children succeed, the rest doesn’t matter.

Narrator: And Letang doesn’t forget his friend, Luc Bourdon, who passed away tragically in May of 2008. All of the profits of the day go to the Luc bourdon Foundation.

Kris: He was beside me every moment of my life, in every difficult situation. I would always go to him.

Narrator: Letang is still having a tough time realizing that he’s won the Stanley Cup.

Kris: I was speaking with Pierre Larouche and Mario Lemieux after we won and they told me “You’re 22 years old, you don’t fully realize what you’ve accomplished. In forty years you’ll realize it.”

Narrator: Kristopher Letang may be in the shadow of Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, but he should look at what he’s accomplished on his way there. Up until now he’s been the champion of the series in the Midget AAA league, two gold medals with team Canada juniors, and now the Stanley cup… and he’s only 22 years old.