Sophia meets with her best friend Kris Letang after the game!

Kris Letang met his biggest fan and best friend Sophia Gaffey for a visit after last night’s game.

Caption from pensfoundation post – Sophia received a surprise visit from our very own Pittsburgh Penguins after tonight’s game and her best friend @kletang_58!


Early in 2019, Sophia Gaffey hung out with Kris and presented him with Beads of Courage – check out our post about that special day here!

Here’s an excerpt from our post about the annual Penguins hospital visit that highlights Sophia’s friendship with Kris – you can read our post here !

Sophia belongs to the Beads of Courage program that the hospital offers, which is a resilience-based intervention program designed to support and strengthen the protective resources in children coping with serious illness.

She requested a Penguins bead because Letang is her favorite player and her dream was to meet him one day. The artist not only made Sophia’s bead, but also made a second bead that she could give to Letang one day


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