Frequently Asked Questions

How did you decide to make a site for Kris Letang instead of just blogging with your friends/fans?
As a hobby, I created fan sites for celebrities and athletes that I was a fan of in the past. So it was natural that I start one up for Kris. I wanted to do something back in June 2010 but I didn’t get started creating the fan site to early December.  At first, I thought a blog would be good but I prefer full sites with multimedia and lots of informational content.

From where do you ‘broadcast’? Pittsburgh? Ottawa?
I live in New York, about 25 minutes from New York City so the headquarters, I would say would be in New York.  Many visitors assume I live in Pittsburgh or Montreal!  Being that I don’t live in Pittsburgh, it is tough to get local news and media, but the Pittsburgh and Montreal fans who submit media have helped so much in getting that info to me!

Do you and Megan run in your spare time for fun?
I run for fun in the sense that I enjoy it so much!  I maintain a fan site in support of Kris and the Penguins in a positive way for their fans so it’s always a great experience.  It’s fun for me because I’m a dedicated fan to Kris, the Penguins, and hockey. Megan feels the same way and her dedication is so great, I am proud to have her as a translator for the site! There are times when I am tired from work or don’t have time to update right away, but the fan site has never been a “chore” for me.

Did you ever make a site like this for anyone else?
Yes, I’ve had fan sites for Apolo Anton Ohno, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, US Gymnasts, and Pro Wrestling.

Would you consider doing a site for someone else?
I considered creating a site for other hockey players shortly after opened, but do to the success and popularity of the fan site, I want to dedicate my time just to this fan site.

Is the site taking over your life?
I get this asked a lot by fans and visitors; it’s a great question. The site is not taking over my life and I would never let it get to that point.  I am busiest during the season and post season, so I use time management to get latest updates and media published.  There are times when I stay up late to catch post game interviews and wait for the game wrap articles to be posted, depending on who the Penguins play, it can be pretty late! is a part of my life and daily routine, I have time saved for it and if there has to be a major update such as a layout change, I schedule it in accordingly!

Who is the roommate on the road trip for Kris?
I couldn’t find any current information for this past season or previous. I did read in an interview that Max was Kris’ roommate last season and when asked who the most annoying road roommate is, Kris said “himself”. That’s all the info I could find on the topic in research so far!

Where can I find a Kris Letang jersey that will fit my son who is six?
The NHL Shop has jerseys for young children, you can try there !