Kris Letang injury update – Saturday return (unlikely) – Off Day Video Interview

The Pittsburgh Tribune updated on a few Penguins team happenings, including the status of Kris’ injury. He’s taking the recovery day by day and no date for his return has been finalized. – Source

After an optional practice Thursday at UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex, Kris Letang declined to speculate about whether he’ll dress for Saturday’s home game against Montreal or continue to recover from a lower-body injury that has kept him out of the lineup for more than two weeks.

The defenseman, who described himself as “pretty good” after the skate, finds solace in the fact that the Penguins’ season is not crumbling with him sidelined.

“Right now, I’m not even thinking about (Saturday),” Letang said. “I’m going day-by-day, trying to feel better. … If I’m on the ice, it’s because I’m making some strides.

“This team is playing pretty well (without me). Everybody is kind of staying patient with the game. No one forces anything, so it’s been pretty good.”

Kris also had some fun and support for Fleury:

After finding out he would replace injured Matt Murray to start the third period Wednesday, Marc-Andre Fleury used an unusual warm-up technique. He had Letang take some shots on him in the locker room area.

On Thursday, Letang refused to take any credit for Fleury’s strong, 19-save performance.

“I’m glad if he thinks it helped him,” Letang said. “I’m going to be there for him if it happens again. I gave him the option. I was next to him when he got the call to go in. It was pretty funny. I offered myself as a shooter.”

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