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Penguins lose the Avalanche 4-2

The Penguins tried to lead the game early in the 1st but the Avalanche came back with offensive pressure, scoring 3 goals in the 2nd and 3rd period. Geno’s goal in the 3rd period cut down the lead by 2....

Penguins fall to the Avalanche 2-1

The Penguins couldn’t hold the Avalanche, even a low scoring game – lost 2-1. Next game is in Las Vegas against the Golden Knights on Thursday! Game Media Recap Team Stats Infographic Game Gallery Snap Shots

Vote Kris Letang to 2018 All Star Game!

The ballot opened Saturday to vote for your favorite players to the 2018 All Star Game in Tampa! I’ve voted my max number of amounts for the ballot 😀 today, you can do that every 24 hours. Here’s the link...