Maddie’s Story – September 17, 2011

Anyway after that I walked in and there weren’t really that many people which was good, plus they still had a ton of wristbands for sale. But then we got the bad news that Pascal Dupuis couldn’t come to the event because his wife had something happen to her ear and she had to go to the hospital. So I was very upset because I have never met him before and I felt bad for his wife, but I was glad that Kris was there. So I bought my wristband and I went over to the stage to take some pictures and videos of Kris. He was being really sweet and friendly to everyone and he took pictures with everyone. Well finally it was my turn so I walked up to him and I was holding a ton of stuff for him to sign. I handed my phone to the lady taking the pictures, and then i apologized to Kris for bringing so much stuff for him to sign. He laughed and said that it was fine and then he asked “Is this all for you?”, and I said “Yeah haha, I’m a huge fan.” He smiled and continued signing the things. Then he looked at one of the pictures i had, it was from Rupp’s fundraiser in April and it was a picture of him, my best friend, and me. He asked “Oh you went to this?” and I said “Yeah I went with my best friend; she is also a huge fan. But this summer she moved.” Then he continued signing. When he was finished signing, he took a picture with me and then he started to help me collect my things which I thought was really sweet. Finally I said “thank you so much.” And he said “You’re welcome.” After I walked off the stage and I took some more videos and pictures, and while taking one of the videos, he noticed that I was taking a video of him and he looked at me and smiled, I almost died haha. It was a really great event, and Kris was so sweet and polite, as usual.